Iowa Marble Club
About the Iowa Marble Club


The Iowa Marble Club serves as host to the Des Moines Marble Show which is held annually the first Saturday in June and is the Nation's largest and longest running toy marble show. The first show was held during the summer of 1977 in the back of a Davenport, Iowa bail bondsman's office. The show quickly grew in popularity and subsequently moved to Williamsburg, Iowa the following year where it remained for 33 very successful years. The "Amana Marble Show" as it was affectionately called, then moved to Coralville, Iowa for two years before moving to the current location of Des Moines, Iowa in the fall of 2013. The show continues to grow in size and popularity and it is not uncommon to have over 100 marble collectors in attendance from all across the United States each year.

Non-Profit Organization

The Iowa Marble Club was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to promote the hobby of collecting antique, vintage and contemporary toy marbles and/or related items; to teach children how to play marble games including how to demonstrate good sportsmanship, character and camaraderie; and to preserve, archive, and document the history of toy marbles and to distribute the knowledge and information gained by holding regular marble club meetings, shows and through the publishing of books, articles and other learning materials.

Iowa Marble Club Meetings

Iowa Marble Club meetings are held regularly and are open to the public. Several experienced club members will be in attendance offering free marble identification, appraisals and discussion. Club meetings are open forum style thus there is generally no set agenda or meeting topics. Children are always welcome and encouraged to attend. Each child will each receive a free bag of marbles and instructions on how to play the game of Ringer. Marble rings will be setup so both children and adults can practice their marble shooting skills. Please visit the Events page for details on our next scheduled club meeting.

Club Membership

Membership to the Iowa Marble Club is open to anyone who is interested in antique, vintage, or contemporary toy marbles or related items. Please visit the Membership page for additional details or to download a copy of the Iowa Marble Club Membership Application.